A world of coffee opportunities!

120 years Coffee history


The Catunambu brand owes its name to Juan Ferer, a Colombian coffee roaster who immigrated to Seville in the south of Spain in order there to realize his life-long dream; making people happy with a delicious cup of coffee. IMG_9111

He christened his coffee 'Catunambu', after an indigenous tribe in his country of birth.

Nowadays the 4th family generation owns 4 factories in Spain with a annual roasting capacity over 100.000.000 kg coffee.


Global Coffee Industries is the dedicated export unit of the Catunambu Group and active in 47 countries.

The Catunambu blends are based on 12 different coffee bean origins from all over the world to guarantee a very well balanced and stable coffee to please every coffee lover, each cup again! Thanks to the multiple use of different coffee bean origins the blends can be adapted to the preferences of each country.

Think Global, Act Local

Thanks to our exclusive partnership with the Catunambu group we can offer maximum support in the "world of coffee opportunities" in South East Asia via our "Tailor Made" coffee concepts, adapted to your local market requirements.